Spurwing Invoice Reconciliation Software

Suppliers and distributors in the travel and hotel industries deal with large volumes of payments and transactions. Manually processing this data is time consuming, tedious, and open to human error. Spurwing acts as a secure interface between supplier invoice data and distributor payment data. It eliminates common mistakes that are often the result of manual processing and enables automatic invoice reconciliation—saving time and resources for both parties. Spurwing has been designed to work with businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry.

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Minimise transaction errors

The need to enter and sort invoices manually is removed, reducing data input errors and providing savings on paper, photocopying and mailing.

Improve invoice reconciliation

Payment reconciliation is easy, with online search and retrieval of invoice data and early identification of discrepancies. The system can also integrate with popular accounting software, providing you with a seamless experience.

Optimise cash flow with detailed reporting

Reporting tools within Spurwing build a dashboard that shows unmatched records and any other issues. This helps you free up your cash flow by identifying and resolving invoice discrepancies quickly.

Our products are loved by users worldwide

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“The development of the Spurwing interface means that invoices presented to Flight Centre (Global Product) via Spurwing will be electronically matched against booking data stored in our accounting system, delivering us a unique and efficient 'no touch' invoice reconciliation solution.“

GM Finance & Administration, Flight Centre Global Product Tony Carolan
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“Spurwing makes it easy to update vendors, we are experiencing significant savings in time as well as saving money on printing & postage, we also like the fact that invoices are received immediately increasing our potential to receive payments earlier.“

Financial Manager, Crowne Plaza Adelaide Wade McPherson
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“Spurwing is an extremely costs effective solution which is very easy to use, we estimate it delivers us 85% savings compared to costs. A recent example is having returned from leave I had 2 weeks of invoicing waiting to be done, this would typically take a week to complete the old way, however by using Spurwing it was done within 4 hrs!”