Wedgetail Reservation and Itinerary System

Wedgetail is a robust suite of web-based modules that enables travel professionals to manage all aspects of airline reservations, itineraries, and tour bookings.

This platform fully integrates with your airline GDS, giving you complete control and flexibility over your customer’s data. Each module is designed to support the core functions of a travel business, with a focus on:

Documentation Creation and Storage

Generate all of your customer’s documents including itineraries, ticket receipts, confirmations and vouchers. Documents can be printed, emailed or sent via SMS to customers, then saved and stored as PDF, Word, HTML or HTML email.

Reservation Reporting

Use reservation data to create reports to help you plan and manage your business. Work with corporate customers? Agents with corporate customers can provide access to this function so they can self-serve and generate their own reports based on their reservation data.

Ticket Storage

Archive all of your ticket information online for easy access down the track. Tickets can be searched for by ticket number, airline, customer name, reservation, or travel date—giving you the ultimate flexibility for online information retrieval.

Data Visualisations

View your data graphically to assist with strategic and operational planning. This feature also integrates with maps, which allows you to track passenger movements in real-time.

Airline Quotes

Create, store and retrieve all the quotes you generate for your customers. Transform quotes into reservations and tickets seamlessly, ready for printing or email distribution.

Profile Management

Wedgetail can manage large volumes of customer and corporate profile information. It detects changes in profile content from third party systems, and then propagates these changes to your GDS or other downstream systems.

GDS Robotics

Automate standard operations in remote systems (such as your GDS) to save your business time and resources. The system can be configured to perform booking and reservation tasks that don’t need to be undertaken by consultants, such as qualifying fare savings.


Streamline and standardise how GDS functions are used by applying a defined workflow over operations, saving time and improving information consistency.

Productivity Suite

Reduce tedious and time consuming manual operations performed in traditional GDS functions with automated processes flows. With this feature you can perform tasks such as bulk travel bookings in minutes rather than days—especially useful for corporate travel agents managing large groups of travellers regularly.

Information at our finger tips

We had to run several reports on Friday to identify passengers located in Indonesia due to a volcanic eruption. I am delighted to advise the report was extremely easy to use and more to the point the report was displayed within seconds of our request… It was such a relief on Friday to have the information at our finger tips so quickly. A big thank you to you and your team for providing us a system that we will be able to generate reports for our clients in a timely manner.